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Welcome to the informational site for the homeowners in the Remington Trails 2 community association.

Remington Trails Community Association II, Inc. is located in Round Lake Illinois and is the Homeowners Association for thoes living in Remington Trails 2 (Remington Homes) townhomes.


We'd like to use this site to communicate with the members of the association and as a place to publish common information for the benefit of all our association members. 

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News and Information

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 New Parking Rule in effect.
The Board has approved on Nov 4, 2019 a new parking rule. Full text of the rule was mailed to all homeowners and can be found in the Association Documents section of this web site.

 Coyotes in the Neighborhood - Update
* Nov 4, 2019 UPDATE - Be on the lookout; watch your kids and pets. A good sized coyote was been seen walking through the neighborhood. These animals are usually nocturnal but this one has come out in the daylight, usually looking for food which can be small dogs and cats. Children should know that these are not dogs to be played with and should not be approached. Call 911 if you see and feel endangered.

 Change in Property Management for 2017
This is an FYI, we will be moving to ACM for our Property Management, beginning January 1, 2017. Keep a lookout in your mailbox for a welcom letter from ACM. In the letter it will give us information on paying our assessments (the monthly is staying the same in 2017) and their contact information.

New Updates

 New Property Manager 2017

ACM will take over Property Management on January 1, 2017. Contact our Manager at 630-620-1133, normal and after hours. Office is at 3041 Woodcreek Dr Suite 100, Downers Grove, Il 60515
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