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We'd like to cut down on the amount of paper we sent out as well as reducing the cost of mailings.

Programs we have are:

Direct Debit Program

This program utilizes electronic funds transfer from your bank to pay your monthly assessment. This program assures that your payment gets made in a timely manner, no cost to you for postage, envelops and the sign-up process is simple and easy.

Download the form here, fill-in the form and either mail or fax it to the Management Office listed on the form. You'll be helping your Association to keep cost down and saving everyone the cost of dealing with useless paperwork.

Email Notices
If you'd like to get your Associations Notices by email, to cut down on paper notices and to get the information as soon as it's released, you can sign up for Email Notices. Download the form, return it to us an your notices will be sent via email. Geth the form  here. This also help the Association cut down on postage and printing cost, keeps a little less paper out of the landfill.

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